Click the link below to see what we’re on about. This is the first release of a 6-pack of Funk NFTs coming your way. Only 1 case (24) released of each. Trust us, you want to “catch ‘em all”. The benefits of having a complete 6 pack are coming soon.

Some details:

  • Available Wednesday at 5:14pm
  • Purchasers will gain access to the NFT holder section of our web page that will include, but is not limited to:
    • Previews of upcoming beers and events
    • Occasional input on names and styles
  • Free “Oldest Brewery in Emmaus” shirt mailed to you!

Get the NFT!



This limited edition animated OGC NFT.

OCG is a recreation of the first batches of Citrus IPA that came out of our Emmaus brewery. Although the recipe has evolved into something we are quite proud of and is easily our best selling beer, we couldn’t help wondering how it would taste to brew up a batch of the OG. Lighter in color and body but higher in alcohol with a crisp, bright finish. A superbly well balanced American IPA with a hint of malt sweetness and a clean subdued bitterness.